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Download Part Time Spy (2017)  Subtitle Indonesia

  • Genre Action, Komedi
  • Rilis March 16, 2017

Pemain Film

  • Gang Ye-Won as Jang Young-Sil
  • Han Chae-Ah as Na Jung-An
  • Namgung Min as Min-Suk
  • Jo Jae-Yun as Deputy Department Head Park
  • Kim Min-Kyo as Department Head Yan
  • Dong Hyun-Bae as Jae-Yong

Finally she gets a call from NSA (National Security Agency) to be the intern. But the joy lasts no long, she is asked to leave. One day, she accidently discovers that her boss just scammed of  half million dollars by phishing. By instinct she feels this is the chance, and she makes a deal with the boss of full time job, if she brings back money. Now as a undercover spy, Yeong-Sil starts to works at the voice phishing center. Would she find the criminal and become a real employee?

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